MAKING A LIVING WITH YOUR GADGETS(Phones,Tabs,Laptops and more)

How long will people wake up to realize the advantage of all these technological gadgets? Its more than  chat, Skype or social networking gadget to link to the world. There's more to do this. We spend huge money every month to stay connected and yet we suffer financially. If you are not making money from that phone or laptop of yours then its a liability.

Why not take your time to make research for personnel improvement and financial improvement information. For what you dedicate yourself to studying for 3hours daily you become an authority in the next five to ten years…

Read a book this week let it set your soul on fire and when you catch fire the world will come and watch you burn...lolz i don't mean you burning off and dying.

There used to be a saying that :

''if you want to hide something from a black man, put it in a book''
Well, for me that doesn't work anymore because, we are improving each day but most of us are still lazy about it.

Reading a book today will deliver you from Poverty, Hunger and Disease as the word EARN was gotten from LEARN thus until you learn something new you may not earn something better

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