Wednesday, 6 July 2016

Son Fights Father Over CANNABIS

An Australian man called the police on his father because his father set fire to his cannabis (Indian hemp) farm. According to Police, the young man seemed to believe that his father burning his 'precious' Cannabis plants was a far worse crime than he cultivating the crop, resulting in a fight between the young man and his father.

Officers attended the Humpty Doo residence, 40km south of Darwin, and confirmed the accusation, before questioning whether the young man knew it was against the law to possess cannabis.

“As retribution his father burnt the son’s prized cannabis plants in a bonfire on the property,” said Duty Supt Louise Jorgensen who arrived at the Northern Territory home of the boy on Tuesday, after he called them. The son felt this was wrong and reported the matter to police.He seemed to believe that the destruction of the same was far worse than the possession in the first instance,” said Jorgensen.
Under the Misuse of Drugs Act, the possession and cultivation of cannabis in the Northern Territory is a criminal offence. Police have discretion to issue an on the spot fine for “personal use” of cannabis but it is illegal to grow, supply, sell, possess or consume cannabis.
'No charges have been laid against the young man', said Jorgensen. The evidence has been destroyed. Along with his reputation.”

Source: Guardian UK

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