Monday, 18 July 2016

Piers Morgan Comes Out Apologetic To Kanye Saying "I Feel Conned By Taylor Swift"

Just a month shy of Piers Morgan defending and branding Taylor Swift a 'fantastic example of what every young woman should strive to be', the Tv personality has slammed Taylor Swift over her feud with Kanye West.
Piers Morgan had previously said and i quote "My response to Kim Kardashian and all the other poisonous, green-eyed monsters out there currently trying to tear down Taylor Swift is simple: back off you sad, pathetic, envy-ridden people.".
But after Kim revealed the Snapchat convo between Kanye and Taylor swift,everybody,even Piers has been condemning her.

Piers had a change of heart and said ""Can we rename her Pinocchio Swift? I feel completely conned! Unfortunately, it's that moment you get exposed for little porkie pies, Miss Swift. I wanted to believe in you, Taylor."

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