Sunday, 3 July 2016

My Views : Technology And How Its Affecting Relationships

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Today is a day to rethink and weigh your options,is your smartphone,your laptop,your game console better than the relationship you are in?,if you'ld rather spend time on your "fav toy or technology" then why are you in that relationship?,Ladies are like "my man always on that ps4 talking about how he just learnt a new Fifa 16 move","Men be like "my girl on the damn phone all the time,just texting and smiling".Might as well save both o' ya'all the stress and be with whatever makes you happy.Life is too short,but its the longest thing we ever get to do.It shouldn't be spent on technology if you are not helping in discovering or building it.Discover your partner,be happy with who you have!,now drop this tab,or phone or laptop and go do something worthwhile with your partner today.Keep the Sabbath day Holy,or not ;-)

                                                                                         Written By TinyBarz

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