Friday, 1 July 2016

Michael Jordan Giving Us Jet Ski Memes,lol

Who jet skis with a helmet? Michael Jordan ... that's who.
The NBA legend jumped on a watercraft off the coast of Italy and shredded the waves around some cool cliffs and caverns ... but he made sure to protect his billion dollar brain.

You may be thinking, “Hey, lay off, maybe the jet ski rental place requires you wear a helmet.” But I can guarantee you something: Jordan doesn’t wear a helmet if Jordan doesn’t want to wear a helmet.

You also may be thinking, “Hey, lay off, Jordan’s skull is way more valuable than yours or mine, so it deserves protection.” While that may be a factually accurate statement, we’re also talking about jet skiing here. It’s not really that hard and it’s not really that dangerous.
But then again #SafetyFirst.

heck,might as well protect the #brand too!

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