Wednesday, 13 July 2016

Lagos Bigboy Yomi Casual Accused Of Abandoning Baby Momma And Kid In Warri

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The lady in question went on to reveal that after Yomi got his ex-girlfriend pregnant, he cajoled her into having the baby in Warri and told her to keep the baby a secret so that people don’t bewitch them.

Yomi-Casual blast

In 2013 Yomi Casual did admit in an interview that he was in a long distance relationship with his childhood girlfriend. The clothier explained that even though she was not the most beautiful girl in the lot, she stood by him during his hustling days while he was in Warri making hand-made cards and signboards.
When asked why they are not together anymore, Yomi said “I still don’t know. She is not a very beautiful girl. You know Lagos, if you are a celebrity, you want to marry a very beautiful girl; a red carpet wife. My mentor told me, ‘Yomi don’t follow Lagos people o and say you want to marry a red carpet wife. There is a red carpet wife and there is the real wife. I am not after a red carpet wife because with a red carpet wife, you don’t know what the man is facing inside the house. You see them outside looking all clean and you wish to be like them. When they get indoors and you see what the man is going through, you will not want to marry a beautiful girl. My fiancé is God-fearing, very wise, same age group”.
Yomi has not responded to the lady’s statements and has since deleted the photo of him with another woman that had the comments.It is not in my place to talk,but what are your own thoughts about this?!

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