Sunday, 17 July 2016

All Powerful Twitter Mockery,Changes Donald Trumps' Campaign Logo

Is Twitter that powerful?,A tiny piece of evidence that it can might have emerged Saturday morning, as Donald Trump held a press conference to unveil his presumptive veep, Indiana Governor Mike Pence.

Should you have missed the Twittering amusement on Friday, the initial Trump-Pence logo featured the stem of Trump's "T" penetrating the curvature of Pence's "P."

Much of the commentary was unkind, revolving around the notion that this presentation of the union wasn't good for the country or for Pence himself. The governor is, after all, a staunch opponent of gay marriage..
After several users went ahead to mock Trumps' logo,They came out with the new one,this one simply had the word "Trump" chastely perched above the word "Pence."
Lol,dont ever stick it together,you know what a few comic heads can do!

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