Friday, 8 July 2016

Abubakar Tsav reveals those frustrating Buhari's corruption fight,READ :

Abubakar Tsav accused lawyers and courts of frustrating Buhari

– Abubakar Tsav urged every Nigerian to support the president to achieve his goal of ending corruption in Nigeria
 – Tsav said the fight against corruption was being frustrated by lawyers and courts reminding them that what Buhari is doing will benefit everyone Prominent northern leader and former Lagos state police commissioner, Alhaji Abubakar Tsav, has revealed that courts and lawyers are responsible for the slow pace recorded by President Muhammadu Buhari in the fight against corruption.

This is even despite the perceived successes recorded by the current administration so far. Vanguard reports that Tsav, who spoke in Makurdi, Benue state,noted that corruption was a dreaded monster that Buhari has decided to battle and that his success requires the cooperation of every Nigerian irrespective of status and belief. “The fact is that the rot President Buhari inherited was too much.

“This is the time that the people who supported him to win the last election and indeed everyone of us have to avail him more support to enable him accomplish his mission of placing this country on the pedestal of sustainable growth and development. “It is common knowledge that when a general goes to war, most times he does not benefit from his success; others come after him to reap from that success.
“What Buhari is doing today will certainly benefit the future generation. “Unfortunately his pace is being slowed down because the courts and lawyers are not cooperating with him. “We understand with the lawyers, because it is not in their interest to go to court and lose their case, it’s their job.
 “But at this point, we should all come out and support him because the genuine fear of most of us is that after Buhari, we may go back to square one.“Can we have another person that can carry on with this fight in this country? “That is my worry and fear.
 “He is doing a yeoman’s job for this country, so he needs the support of everyone To enable him achieve set goals because who knows if this onslaught will be sustained when he leaves,” Tsav, who had once demanded the probe of former President Goodluck Jonathan, over his role in the arms scandal, said.

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