Thursday, 14 July 2016

7 Simple Scientifically-Backed Ways To Turn Your Girl ON!

A lot of men find themselves stumped when it comes to figuring out the right ways to sexually arouse their partners.
Research is starting to uncover a number of factors that can influence her arousal. Below are seven scientifically-backed simple ways to turn your lady on.Just try and if it doesn't work,get at me ...

1. Early to bed

Research finds that when women get an extra hour of sleep, they are 14 percent more likely to want to have sex the next day.

2. Give her a massage

Women are less likely to want sex when they are stressed out. A massage will relax her. Plus, touching her bare skin may put her in the mood.

3. Watch a romantic movie

Her desire for sex spikes after watching a love story, according to research.

4. Get active

Research has found that women's sexual arousal is 150 percent higher on days that they exercise.

5. Focus on her pleasure

Women who have more orgasm want sex more often.

6. Have a thrilling date

In one study, women who just got off a roller coaster were more interested in kissing a man than the women still waiting in line.

7. Show off your skills

Talent is a turn-on, so let her see your strengths. Show her what you are good at, whether is excelling at chess, playing a guitar or telling a great joke.

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