Wednesday, 29 June 2016

Chinese Missile Defense on Mexico's Border!

From trustworthy intelligence sources it has become known that China intends to enter a defensive alliance with several South American countries in the near future. As a defensive measure against a possible missile attack from Iran or North Korea, it is planning to station a missile-defense system on Mexico’s border with the United States.

Medium-range ballistic missiles, which can be equipped with nuclear warheads, will be incorporated into the defensive system.
In cooperation with Russia, a missile-defense shield and long-range ballistic missiles are to be placed on the northern Siberian border in order to be able to effectively counter possible attacks from [rogue] states.
The U.S. government has condemned this plan as a genuine threat and protested sharply against it. Washington has announced that it will immediately take corresponding defensive measures against a military encirclement of the United States.Their first action will be to deport the representatives of several nongovernmental organizations that are accused of constantly interfering in domestic affairs.
In Mexico as well as the United States a media propaganda battle has raged for several days. In Mexico it is said that the “thieving Gringos” are reacting hysterically to the stationing of missiles and territorial demands instead of negotiating. They imagine they can constantly expand their sphere of influence and subjugate other peoples. For just this purpose, he said, this country “under God” is maintaining thousands of military bases around the world. Against these accusations the U.S. media marches in lockstep, speaking of a treacherous politics of conquest on the part of the “slant eyes,” “Chinks,” and “Russian bastards.”
The exact causes of the increasingly escalating conflict cannot be clarified. The European Union and, with it, Germany, have aligned themselves with the United States. In the meantime, the German chancellor has had multiple telephone conversations with the Chinese and Russian presidents in an attempt to mediate. The presidents of Bolivia and Venezuela have warned that a further escalation could lead to a third world war and a confrontation of nuclear powers with unforeseen consequences.

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