Sunday, 2 November 2014

EFCC arraigns Undergraduate for $12,000 internet scam!

I'm pissed about something this morning! In fact, "mega-pissed"! And if you're a serious minded, legit person you will too.

Here are the 2 reasons why:

1. Just heard that EFCC caught a UNIBEN
undergraduate over a $12,000 internet scam.

Frankly, there's absolutely NO need for
anyone ever to engage in scamming others!

Can you imagine this guy?

Rukewe, a 30 year old final year student of
Computer and Statistics at the University of Benin,
was arrested by officials of a new generation bank
in Benin City and handed over to the EFCC
for further investigation.

This guy has just lost 30 years of his life

That's what's pissing me off.

He went to school o.
He's internet savvy o.
He has access to a computer o.
He's intelligent o.
He even has some capital to start a business o.

He has seen some legit business
opportunities like the Oil & Gas business o!

Can you see how this guy above is
so blessed already but chose to *foolishly*
throw away his potentials away

- he was lazy and didn't want to work
hard like you and I to make
a living legitimately.

- he didn't want to sit down, learn a business
and then sit again to WORK his business.

The Bible says "the rod of correction will
drive away foolish".
I just pray the guy doesn't get life imprisonment
because then, his life is TRULY over.

2. His case reminds me of some emails
I receive from some readers of my newsletter
saying..."...this Oil & Gas business is too
good to be true...i want to come to your office
first to verify...

if this is a scam or not...i have wasted
so much before now but i want to see you
personally to explain to me...

I want to pay at the venue first before...
this your oil business na"

When I read such emails, this always comes
to my mind...

Proverbs 6: 10 - 11 and I read in
*Pete Edochie's* voice:

"A little sleep, a little slumber, A little folding
of the hands to rest and Poverty will come
on YOU like a thief and Scarcity like an
armed robber"

I didn't say that myself o!

Two things I can categorically say about the
Oil & Gas business is: It is NOT a

Lastly, if you work hard, follow our training
you WILL make your First N1million from
it in a few months.

Truth is, there are so many businessmen/women
who work from their own homes successfully
without an office...

...they work anywhere...THAT's a dream.

Also, I cannot personally sit down for 20 minutes
talking about something that I'll explain in
detail for 2-3hrs with anyone in an office.

Time is precious.

Joke and I are very busy people, want to
see us, talk to us about the Oil & Gas

Pick up your phone, send an email and
do the needful.

Want a sit-down meeting? Then get ready
to invest a good chunk of m.oney for that.

An hr of our of our time is worth over
N0.5million Naira.

Do I sound braggadocious?

I'm sorry that's not really my intent but
you've just got to know the truth.

People who MAKE it BIG in life are:
(whether business, sports, music, scientists,
inventors, pastors, models etc...)

1) Risk-takers...
2) Never give up, even after failing numerously...
3) Grab opportunities when they see it...
4) Attend consistent *upgrading" events...
5) They make do with what they have
6) They don't wait for the perfect conditions
to start first...

That's it.

While that undergraduate is about to
forfeit 30 years on earth, get ready to
make 30 X N10,000 per month.

Do the maths...

Its an extra N300,000 monthly.

Catch you on Tuesday where you'll meet
the young man who made N1,000,200
from oil & gas less his initial investment.

Happy Weekend.

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