Tuesday, 9 September 2014

S*x Before Marriage Is The Best- Fast Rising Actress Oluwaseyi Edun

Lol, fast rising actress, Oluwaseyi Edun has said s*x before marriage is the best. According to her, practising it before marriage reduces adultery. Lol. I am sure most of you know this is not true. You can’t know more than your creator. God who created us and s*x says practicing it before marriage is WRONG and that settles it. As a matter of fact, practicing it before marriage will only make you unsatisfied with your partner when you eventually get married.

Her take on s*x before marriage;
I think it’s an individual thing. Once you are an adult and you think you are ready, go for it. Personally, I think s*x before marriage is good. Because it will make you know your partner well before going into marriage. So if there is anything you are not comfortable with, you have an ample time to correct it before actually going into the lifetime contract of marriage. Doing it before marriage also reduces adultery and fornication. It is also a good way of studying your partner before you get committed to him or her.

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