Sunday, 20 April 2014

Jude Okoye Quits As Peter and Paul of P-Square Are Allegedly To Be On The Verge Of Break-Up

Although there is no official statement from the parties yet, it appears that there is trouble brewing up in the P-square camp.

There are reasons to believe that the Okoye brothers - Jude and Psquare - are either on the verge of breaking up or have broken up!
Reports indicate that commotion is presently brewing up in the P-square camp - this has to do with the twins being at constant loggerheads caused by one of their wives.
This is a shock to me anyway and a bad news too because, they are my favorite clique i love to listen to all the way back since 2004 (ten years ago) and they have been active ever since.

So far, they have released six successful albums.

If we recall, Jude Okoye missed Peter's wedding because he didn't approve of him marrying Lola Omotayo...Am sure all this shit ahve to do with the wives of the two brothers...WOMEN(War-On MEN) are the root of all breakup way back from history.

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