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Ibukun & Emmanuel’s Wedding at Zenababs Half Moon Resort, Ilesha, Osun State [PHOTOSTORY]

Ibukun & Emmanuel’s wedding took place at the zenababs halfmoon resort in Ilesha. Their love story and proposal is quite an interesting read. We hope you enjoy it as much as the pictures. 

Tell us how you met and your love story
Ibukun: It all started on a beautiful Saturday morning when I went to Church for a membership class programme. On my way out after the class, I saw this handsome looking guy moving towards me and smiling. 

He said, hello, how are you? Can I drop you off somewhere? I replied, no but thanks my car is parked around the corner. He smiled, thinking of the next strategy while I was thinking what does this short guy want? LOL . He then asked me for my phone number which I refused giving to him and he said “you think I’m a stranger but I’m not, please just trust me”. After much persuasion I gave it to him and that was how it all started.
We started talking for hours on the phone, spending time together, going to the movies, visiting family. The relationship kicked off and we became good friends.

Tell us about the proposal
Ibukun: This happened on a public holiday on our way to visit my parents. After checking in our luggage and obtaining the boarding pass, he suddenly requested that I hand over the boarding pass on the premise that he wants to identify the luggage before they are stowed.  I was somehow surprised knowing very well that the few times we travelled together, I kept the boarding pass. Well, without much thought, I gave them to him and proceeded to board the flight.
Emmanuel did not board the plane for another 20mins which really kept me on the edge. Just as I was about to go inquire what the problem was, he stepped in.  He claimed that the luggage was searched because of the odour of the crayfish which we bought for my parents.  I simply smiled and adjusted my seat and seat belt. Suddenly, just before take-off, he was called by the air hostess. He spoke with her for some couple of minutes while I sat in my seat looking really confused and missing.  When he returned to his seat, I asked again what the problem was and he simply said… “Oh, can you imagine! She thought I was the one that messed up the rest room.”  With strange and weird things happening suddenly, I began praying not quite getting why he had to be picked on.
About 30 minutes after take-off, an announcement was made…  “Passenger on seat No 17E can you please come forward”. I was shocked!  Emma that’s you! I said… Now I was really worried and sweaty.  I remember I said, “I hope everything is ok? Is this because of the crayfish odour again?”  He just simply said “relax, everything will be fine”. But of course I couldn’t relax in such a situation.
I sat for about 5 minutes wondering what was happening, and then I thought it’s better to go join in to argue out the issue. But to my greatest surprise, I heard his voice on the public address system. Now my heart skipped and was thrown into total confusion. What is the problem again? Then I heard him saying something about loving me, since he met me he has been the happiest man on earth and would love to spend the rest of his life with me et cetera, et cetera. Honestly, I don’t really remember his exact words. As he kept on with his poem, the air hostess came down to my seat to usher me to the business class area. My legs were stiff and shaky as I moved forward into the business class where he was kneeing with a ring on his hands looking towards me.  As I stood in front of him in weird shock, he popped the question, Will you marry me? And obviously I answered YES in a shaky voice. LOL.
Emmanuel: The specifics of this day will always be fresh in my mind not because of the fact that it was the day that I asked her to marry me but because of the dramas that played out to its climax.
After the task of searching for that special one, especially in a town like Port Harcourt, then courting and bonding with her to establish compatibility, the next task was how best to tell or say to her “will you marry me”?
I wanted that day to be memorable; I wanted a day that will ring a bell many years down our lives together as one.
So I stylishly asked her and a few friends, what they consider would be the best proposal, went online to do some research but somehow I could not resonate with any of it. I therefore decided to always carry the ring in my pocket just hoping that that moment of inspiration will come.
I remember when we went on a visit to Abuja to see some of my family there, it was a warm reception for her but I could see in her eyes that the journey would have been wonderful with a ring on her finger but unfortunately, It was on our way for a date in Abuja that i realized that I forgot the ring in Port Harcourt. I had to abandon any idea of a proposal at that time.
Our next trip was to go see her parents in Ilesha, so we booked a flight from PH to Lagos, and also bought some dry fish and crayfish for her mother. I arranged my luggage and drove to her apartment but unfortunately the flight was postponed, so I decided to waste the time at the apartment before setting out for the airport.
After a while I started browsing the net for Engagement rings, she came to me and said “Emma, what are you doing? You mean you are still browsing for engagement rings? Na wa o”. I just smiled and said “can’t I look at rings again?” But I saw in her eyes that she was disappointed. Deep down I was glad because I knew she was expecting me to pop the question to her any minute but I wanted it to be a surprise and not a rehearsed script.
There wasn’t enough space in her bag for the big plastic bag of crayfish that she bought for her mother so she asked if I could carry them in mine. I jokingly said “oh! its my clothes that would be smelling of crayfish” but then I took it.
At the airport, while she tried checking us in, I went to some of the ground staff and told them that I would like to propose to my girlfriend on board the flight, I was told that they can’t help me on that, my countenance dropped, she turned to look at me from the counter and asking if anything was the matter. I immediately lit up my face, knowing that I must focus and persist.
When we passed our bag through the scanning machine, we were told to go and check in the bag with the crayfish.  On our way to board the flight, I was dragging my feet to create a distance between us, so that she could go into the plane and allow me plan my next move but she kept turning back and telling me to hurry up.
Fortunately the queue for male passengers was longer than that for females, and when she wanted to go identify the bag with crayfish, I ran to her, told her to hand over the boarding passes and relax, that I will identify the bag. After identifying the bag with crayfish, I went to the back of the queue, and she got into the plane looking and wondering why I had to go to the back of the queue.
Before entering the plane I signalled for help to one of the crew.  I requested to see the pilot. The crew member informed me that I would have to wait for her to relay the request to the pilot.
While waiting for the feedback from the pilot, she came around and asked “Emmanuel, is anything the matter?” I told her not to worry that they wanted to search the bag with crayfish so she went back to her seat after which I got the green light from the pilot.
After some few minutes, I was on my seat but was called to the rear of the aircraft by one of the hostess who briefed me on how, when and what I should do. The hostess read and approved my 10 lines love speech.
When I came back to my seat, she asked again why I was called; I told her that they wanted to know if I was the last person to use the restroom. She was furious, she said “but you just came in, how can they ask you that? I know it’s that crayfish that is causing all of this or Emmanuel is there something else in that crayfish bag that you are not telling me?”.
I said “please just calm down, everything will be all right but she said “I will never carry crayfish for anyone, never again”. I just smiled and said calm down.
After the meal and while we are descending into Lagos, there was an announcement on the address system that the passenger on seat 17E should come forward. I turned to look at her, she was mad with the whole situation, she asked “Emmanuel what have you done?” Some passengers turned to look in our direction.
I went forward, took the address system and started to profess my love in the air to her, though I had planned and prepared for that moment, the first few words did not drop easily from my lips but then it started flowing and was making sense to me, her and everyone on board
Before I got to the end of my love speech, they drew the curtain open to reveal the man in love. I watched as the female crew ushered her from seat 17F to the front.
On bended knees I asked “ Will you marry me?” and with a faint voice she said “Yes”, wishing that the ground would open for her to disappear from the attention she was getting.
She said “yes please get up, yes please get up” I could see that she never expected any of what she was getting.
Everyone was clapping and saying congratulations at the same time, the congratulations continued all the way in the baggage section to our exit from the airport in Lagos. The day ended with dinner at the Radisson Blu in Victoria Island.
I want to thank the entire staff of Dana-Air for granting me a day not to forget, and also thanks to all lovers of crayfish. For without it as my alibi, I won’t have gotten a better excuse to prepare for a day always to be remembered.
We wish Ibukun & Emmanuel a happy married life.
Ibukun-Emmanuel-Church-Wedding-Zenababs-Half-Moon-Resort-Ilesha-Osun-State-Lagos-Nigeria-Wedding-Photographer-Bunmi-Adedipe-Photogrpahy-Bumyperfect20140215_0132Ibukun-Emmanuel-Church-Wedding-Zenababs-Half-Moon-Resort-Ilesha-Osun-State-Lagos-Nigeria-Wedding-Photographer-Bunmi-Adedipe-Photogrpahy-Bumyperfect20140215_0116Ibukun-Emmanuel-Church-Wedding-Zenababs-Half-Moon-Resort-Ilesha-Osun-State-Lagos-Nigeria-Wedding-Photographer-Bunmi-Adedipe-Photogrpahy-Bumyperfect20140215_0110Ibukun-Emmanuel-Church-Wedding-Zenababs-Half-Moon-Resort-Ilesha-Osun-State-Lagos-Nigeria-Wedding-Photographer-Bunmi-Adedipe-Photogrpahy-Bumyperfect20140215_0109Ibukun-Emmanuel-Church-Wedding-Zenababs-Half-Moon-Resort-Ilesha-Osun-State-Lagos-Nigeria-Wedding-Photographer-Bunmi-Adedipe-Photogrpahy-Bumyperfect20140215_0107 Ibukun-Emmanuel-Church-Wedding-Zenababs-Half-Moon-Resort-Ilesha-Osun-State-Lagos-Nigeria-Wedding-Photographer-Bunmi-Adedipe-Photogrpahy-Bumyperfect20140215_0099Ibukun-Emmanuel-Church-Wedding-Zenababs-Half-Moon-Resort-Ilesha-Osun-State-Lagos-Nigeria-Wedding-Photographer-Bunmi-Adedipe-Photogrpahy-Bumyperfect20140215_0089Ibukun-Emmanuel-Church-Wedding-Zenababs-Half-Moon-Resort-Ilesha-Osun-State-Lagos-Nigeria-Wedding-Photographer-Bunmi-Adedipe-Photogrpahy-Bumyperfect20140215_0087Ibukun-Emmanuel-Church-Wedding-Zenababs-Half-Moon-Resort-Ilesha-Osun-State-Lagos-Nigeria-Wedding-Photographer-Bunmi-Adedipe-Photogrpahy-Bumyperfect20140215_0075Ibukun-Emmanuel-Church-Wedding-Zenababs-Half-Moon-Resort-Ilesha-Osun-State-Lagos-Nigeria-Wedding-Photographer-Bunmi-Adedipe-Photogrpahy-Bumyperfect20140215_0074Ibukun-Emmanuel-Church-Wedding-Zenababs-Half-Moon-Resort-Ilesha-Osun-State-Lagos-Nigeria-Wedding-Photographer-Bunmi-Adedipe-Photogrpahy-Bumyperfect20140215_0068Ibukun-Emmanuel-Church-Wedding-Zenababs-Half-Moon-Resort-Ilesha-Osun-State-Lagos-Nigeria-Wedding-Photographer-Bunmi-Adedipe-Photogrpahy-Bumyperfect20140215_0055Ibukun-Emmanuel-Church-Wedding-Zenababs-Half-Moon-Resort-Ilesha-Osun-State-Lagos-Nigeria-Wedding-Photographer-Bunmi-Adedipe-Photogrpahy-Bumyperfect20140215_0041Ibukun-Emmanuel-Church-Wedding-Zenababs-Half-Moon-Resort-Ilesha-Osun-State-Lagos-Nigeria-Wedding-Photographer-Bunmi-Adedipe-Photogrpahy-Bumyperfect20140215_0038Ibukun-Emmanuel-Church-Wedding-Zenababs-Half-Moon-Resort-Ilesha-Osun-State-Lagos-Nigeria-Wedding-Photographer-Bunmi-Adedipe-Photogrpahy-Bumyperfect20140215_0035Ibukun-Emmanuel-Church-Wedding-Zenababs-Half-Moon-Resort-Ilesha-Osun-State-Lagos-Nigeria-Wedding-Photographer-Bunmi-Adedipe-Photogrpahy-Bumyperfect20140215_0031Ibukun-Emmanuel-Church-Wedding-Zenababs-Half-Moon-Resort-Ilesha-Osun-State-Lagos-Nigeria-Wedding-Photographer-Bunmi-Adedipe-Photogrpahy-Bumyperfect20140215_0029Ibukun-Emmanuel-Church-Wedding-Zenababs-Half-Moon-Resort-Ilesha-Osun-State-Lagos-Nigeria-Wedding-Photographer-Bunmi-Adedipe-Photogrpahy-Bumyperfect20140215_0026Ibukun-Emmanuel-Church-Wedding-Zenababs-Half-Moon-Resort-Ilesha-Osun-State-Lagos-Nigeria-Wedding-Photographer-Bunmi-Adedipe-Photogrpahy-Bumyperfect20140215_0023Ibukun-Emmanuel-Church-Wedding-Zenababs-Half-Moon-Resort-Ilesha-Osun-State-Lagos-Nigeria-Wedding-Photographer-Bunmi-Adedipe-Photogrpahy-Bumyperfect20140215_0022 Ibukun-Emmanuel-Church-Wedding-Zenababs-Half-Moon-Resort-Ilesha-Osun-State-Lagos-Nigeria-Wedding-Photographer-Bunmi-Adedipe-Photogrpahy-Bumyperfect20140215_0021 Ibukun-Emmanuel-Church-Wedding-Zenababs-Half-Moon-Resort-Ilesha-Osun-State-Lagos-Nigeria-Wedding-Photographer-Bunmi-Adedipe-Photogrpahy-Bumyperfect20140215_0016 Ibukun-Emmanuel-Church-Wedding-Zenababs-Half-Moon-Resort-Ilesha-Osun-State-Lagos-Nigeria-Wedding-Photographer-Bunmi-Adedipe-Photogrpahy-Bumyperfect20140215_0012 Ibukun-Emmanuel-Church-Wedding-Zenababs-Half-Moon-Resort-Ilesha-Osun-State-Lagos-Nigeria-Wedding-Photographer-Bunmi-Adedipe-Photogrpahy-Bumyperfect20140214_0009Ibukun-Emmanuel-Church-Wedding-Zenababs-Half-Moon-Resort-Ilesha-Osun-State-Lagos-Nigeria-Wedding-Photographer-Bunmi-Adedipe-Photogrpahy-Bumyperfect20140214_0005Ibukun-Emmanuel-Church-Wedding-Zenababs-Half-Moon-Resort-Ilesha-Osun-State-Lagos-Nigeria-Wedding-Photographer-Bunmi-Adedipe-Photogrpahy-Bumyperfect20140214_0004

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