Sunday, 20 April 2014

13 Things Ladies Do That Secretly Turn Men On

Ladies, you might think your man is only turned on by stick thin women in sexy clothes, high heels and gobs of makeup, but I'm here to tell you that is not always the case. Here are 13 secret things that turn men on that you might not have known about!

Video games are known for having hot babes in them, but guys are also turned on when a girl picks up a controller and plays with him. It's especially sexy if she is really into the game, gets really good at it and eventually beats us! We may seem mad, but secretly, we're really turned on.

Women spend a lot of time plastering
makeup on their faces, but I'll let you in
on a secret. Most men are more
attracted to women who wear little
or no makeup . We'd rather see you
than 5 layers of makeup! It is super
sexy getting to see your bare face first
thing in the morning, so stop worrying
about what you look like without

For all of you women out there dieting
to lose those last 5 or 10 pounds, stop.
Most men in fact don't like stick figures
and prefer their women to have curves.
Women are meant to look like
women and not little girls . In fact, a
study actually said that there is an
evolutionary reason for men to prefer
women with bigger hips and thighs! Of
course, all men have their own preferred
type, but most guys are turned on by
women who are at least a little more
shapely than women think.

When a woman stays the night and
pulls on one of our shirts to walk
around the house, it can be way more
sexy than the sexiest lingerie. Not only
does it look hot but I also know that
shirt will smell like her later when she is gone.

Of course men love when a woman
touches them, but it doesn't have to be
in a intimate way. If a woman touches a
man on the hand or arm or someplace
else seemingly innocuous while they
are having a conversation in the middle
of a crowded room, just that can be
enough to drive us crazy!

A woman's laugh can be a turn on in so
many ways! First of all, if she laughs at
you often (when you're trying to be
funny of course) it means she likes
your sense of humor and that is a
huge turn on. Second of all, there is
something in our brains that links the
way a woman laughs to how she will
sound in bed so a pleasant sounding
laugh makes us think maybe we will
hear pleasant sounds in bed, too.

Whoever said that the fastest way to a woman's heart is through his stomach was right! If I learn that a woman can cook not just stuff out of a box, but something as complicated as a full Thanksgiving dinner from scratch, she has certainly piqued my interest!

Contrary to what most Nigerian ladies think that colour pink is sexy, It has actually been scientifically proven that women wearing the color red turn men on more than any other color. It could be due to cultural conditoning, because we have learned to associate red with Valentine's Day and red light districts, but it is also probably due to biological reasons such as the red of blushing, which is always sexy.

Many women think that all men like to dominate in a relationship, but that simply isn't the case for most of us. Most men are turned on by a woman who is confident with who she is and not afraid to express her opinions and ask for what she wants, especially in the sack!

Sometimes, it is nice to come to a woman's rescue and fix something in her house and be the hero. But it is an even bigger turn on to see that she can do it all on her own! And if I find out that a girl put together an Ikea bedroom set all on her own and it didn't fall apart the next day, I'm hers!

Every once in a while, it's nice to see a girl in a nice plain pair of cotton white underwear. It gives her a virginal, innocent look that is really sexy and a nice break from all of those uncomfortable looking thongs!

It's fine if a woman goes to the bar and orders a girly drink or wine. I'm not going to judge her. But if she slams down a scotch on the rocks or a beer instead, that might as well be pre-intimacy

13. FEAR
In case you haven't already figured it out, men are strange creatures. A study discovered that fear is a turn on for men. The put the test subjects on two different bridges, one very sturdy and one very shaky and high up. They then sent the same beautiful female assistent to give the men a survey. The men on the scary bridge filled out the answers in a much more risque manner. As I said, we are a weird bunch. Perhaps that is why we like bad girls. Or at least we like our good girls to have a bad side once in a while. It's thrilling.

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