Saturday, 7 December 2013

[VIDEO] Woman Beats Up Man Trying To Rob Her

Video of the day: The awkward moment the woman you’re trying to rob beats you bad
CCTV footage of a 28-year-old Malaysian girl fighting back a snatch thief at her house has gone viral.
Germaine Yeap was coming back from work when a motorcyclist tried to take her bag.
The video sparked a debate about self-defence online, with many viewers arguing they would have given up their bag if they found themselves in a similar situation.
See video after the cut.
 Ms Yeap said she hopes the clip will inspire women to learn self-defence skills.
‘In the video, I fought back because I assessed the situation with my muay thai training and knew that I could take him down,’ she explained, according to UK Metro.
She revealed the clip, which has racked up more than 1,280,000 hits online, was staged to promote a Malaysian crime awareness campaign.
Am sure a worri woman will do better in this situation...

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